Jersey, Dallas, and between.

HEAVY on a mission to "the fittest (and thinnest) I have ever been." My original plan: live, love, and DIE at home in New Jersey (because there is NO place better), having lived a short moment in St. Louis MO, a little longer in Dallas TX, and currently working in Philadelphia PA, I don't really know where I will end up next but I DO know that I wont be fat there.

I need to start an “all things Philly” blog. I love this city.

I guess running with a stroller is WAY harder than running alone.

I guess running with a stroller is WAY harder than running alone.

I am better than I was.
I will be better than I am.

—(140/365) by (DS)

Today I am the fattest I will ever be.

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Since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral to raise awareness and money for the disease I knew it was inevitable it would soon be “my turn.” My turn to donate (the easy part) and my turn to post a video of me dumping a bucket over my head. A real live video, seen by all, no hiding, no posing, no manipulation of footage… Just me and the ice water. When my brother and employee called me out yesterday evening the panic set in and the “planning” ensued. What I was going to wear and say, and how I would do my hair and make up. As I laid in bed I wrote a speech for “the haters” in my notes that I would memorize…or have my daughter hold up cue cards so I get it right with no pressure, no mistakes. I planned a pair of black capri leggins, a hot pink sports bra layered with a hot pink tank…I would curl my hair only to drench it within 10 seconds of the video start time. …I woke up this morning and decided to CAN IT ALL. I was not doing this dumb video, no one could MAKE me. Every party has a pooper and the pooper is me. It was too stressful for me to think about, plus I am with the three kids all day and don’t feel like getting dolled up on my day off. Then I changed my mind. I got dressed in the pink get up…Alana was excited! She knew I would nominate her and even though she did not understand what ALS was (she was referring to it as Al’s -as in the name, as in Al Bundy or Al Roker) she just wanted in on this fun crazy act of dumping ice water on your head and posting it for the world to see. I cleaned my bathroom got my tub “social media ready” and got in the tub, one glance in the mirror so unhappy with the site of myself and I changed my mind right back. “I’m NOT doing it” I said half aggressive as my anger was showing. I stomped out of the tub, changed into the outfit I had on before all of this shenanigans began, braided my hair, washed my face, and plopped on the couch. Pout pout pout fat fat fat… WOE IS ME. Alana sat there quiet just looking at me. I am not sure but she looked a bit sad, maybe deep in thought, but something was going on in that beautiful mind of hers. It was then that something clicked for me, it was then that I decided I was going to do this challenge, and I was doing it JUST AS I AM. I thought about what it is we are doing this for, I thought about the people who have ALS, I thought about how much I enjoy watching everyone else’s Ice Bucket Challenge, I thought about how touching it was to me that this movement has raised so much money, I thought about my daughter. What was I teaching her about this disease? What was I teaching her about self confidence? Self pride? Right then and there I grabbed her hand, explained to her what ALS is, and asked her to help me complete this challenge. It turns out this was not just an Ice Bucket Challenge, but a very emotionally personal challenge as well. Here is my video, enjoy!

Guys, I am LOVING the C25K program. Every time I complete a day I feel so strong! My addictive personality is working in my favor for once!

I do not remember being this fat after my other son. But I was.